Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 3 - Rest day?

Ok, so two days of doing 1 hour every day and I am a tired bunny. My body is tired, and waking up early helped little. I sat at home considering going for a lunch time walk and decided to keep designing a logo. So, the day slipped by, it became dark and damp and yuck. So when hubby got home, I organised to go to the swimming pools which are about 2 km away. In future, we will bike there and that will add to the time exercising. Today, due to rain and Leon doing heaps of biking already, we didn't.

My arm is still gaining strength after my snowboarding accident, and it is really feeling it. Leon did 20 laps in the pool and I did 14. Leon is a better swimmer. 20 mins of swimming is more intense than biking and I do feel tired physically now. The gym is actually lovely and I really do like it, so now I just have to save some money to actually go use the treadmills, cross trainer and the weights (which I know nothing about.)

So including in 10 mins for dancing in the kitchen to the belly dancing music I just got last night, I think 30 mins is still better  than no exercise at all! But if I want to drop the 15 extra kilograms I am carrying around on me, i need to keep going on and on and on, plan being, to get into an exercise habit!

I will have to do a yoga work out now. Using my trusty dvd.

Any suggestions for more interesting exercises?

Time Accrued: 3 hours.

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