Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2 - 30 mins down! Dancing later today.

So I walked to the shops today and that took 30 mins. I stopped inside and got a stamp and some money for my dancing. I deliberately wrote a letter to Leon's Aunty so that I would have a great reason to go to the shops.

Took 30 mins, was 2.52 km and later I will be doing some dedicated belly dancing for an hour.
The walk has loosened up my muscles which are a bit tired from yesterday.

I begin working tomorrow, I am going to see how much exercise I can squeeze into my job by running races and energetic games with children!

I even didn't buy a chocolate at the shops!

Cya later alligators.

Will be 30 mins on the up after today's efforts.

Time accrued: 2h30mins. (not bad going, hey?)

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