Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 7 - The morning of and Banana Milkshakes

So, again I am sitting at home, waiting for life to happen. I woke up this morning and have discovered that approx 1 kg has melted off. This is great because within a few weeks I will be fitting comfortably in my jeans again! Will head out for a run and a cycle later this afternoon. I am thinking of taking my friend and his dogs for a walk. :)

Well, the friend wasn't keen on being walked and was planning a measly romp around St Alban's park, very uninspired. Instead I headed off on my bicycle and cycled to the hospital to get my friend there so she could have a bit of time away from the office. The wind was pumping hard again my direction and it was a challenge to make the bike move in a forward fashion. I arrived at the boat shed and collected my friend and we went to the Museum for a milkshake. I figure I can afford to have one little milkshake. I was very pleased that the museum is re-opened. Slowly but surely things are returning to normal.  We had a good rant, and then I cycled back home.

It took me 40 mins to get home and I think about the same time to get there so I am going to say it's an hour and 20 mins of cycling. Thing is that when you go for walks or bike rides, you have a final destination. Your house. And if you walk too far away, tough, you just have to keep going till you get home. It's a little trick I learnt which adds exercise to your day whether you want to or not! Works out to be about 14 km. :)

So time accrued: 7 hours + 1 h 20 = 8h20mins!
That's one weeks worth of exercise and a bit more. only 51 more weeks to go.

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