Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 5/6 - Re-cycle and Halswell Quarry Walk


Me again!
So Saturday, I was feeling kinda bruised and battered from all the exercise this past week and so I took some time out to let my muscles rejuvenate. I slept in, watched movies and had a generally girly day. Leon came home from Snowboarding and then we decided to go for a bike ride to our Saturday Night destination. We both cycled there as the sun was coming down and then parked our bikes just outside and walked to the Vietnamese Restaurant where the unsuspecting staff were expecting a crowd of people. It was an assault to the senses with 40 people converging onto the same little place and the poor people who just wanted a quiet night out, well that was not how things went. I sat next  to a girl called Anna and she and I had many things in common that she runs and also has issue with keeping the weight off. We both agreed that we would rather die than give up food we love. The restaurant got very noisy as we played people bingo asking everyone a question till the right person matched the right answer. On the list was "afraid of mice" which I thought it would be easier to just yell out "Mouse" and see who jumped up on the tables. On cycling home, I realised that the cycling was pretty good exercise and I put that down to a 20 min bike ride.

Sunday, hubby and me, decided to head out to the Halswell Quarry for a walk around the crater. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed the lambs and the sunshine and the snow-capped mountain views, all the while we were walking and talking and just enjoying being outside for a bit.
We walked from 12:15 to 2pm so that puts me at about 1:30 walking around and the rest of the time sitting on benches and talking. I still think that works for me!

So on the weekend, I managed about 2 hours of exercise and romantic time with my hubby, so that make s 7 hours in total!  I think!

Time Accrued: 7 hours

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