Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2 - 30 mins down! Dancing later today.

So I walked to the shops today and that took 30 mins. I stopped inside and got a stamp and some money for my dancing. I deliberately wrote a letter to Leon's Aunty so that I would have a great reason to go to the shops.

Took 30 mins, was 2.52 km and later I will be doing some dedicated belly dancing for an hour.
The walk has loosened up my muscles which are a bit tired from yesterday.

I begin working tomorrow, I am going to see how much exercise I can squeeze into my job by running races and energetic games with children!

I even didn't buy a chocolate at the shops!

Cya later alligators.

Will be 30 mins on the up after today's efforts.

Time accrued: 2h30mins. (not bad going, hey?)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Seriously how hard could it be?

OK, so my whole life, except for when I was younger (I mean 4) I have been slightly pudgy. Some would say cuddly. I have been fighting it all my life. I have decided today, after reading a very cheesy book (see I even use food for adjectives) that I would do 365 hours of exercise in the next year. Starting today the 30th of August 2011. Too bad if next year Feb rolls around and it's a leap year, that'll make it 366 hours. So what I have decided to do is to follow the idea that I can do one hour of exercise a day, I will squeeze it in where I can with my random teaching schedule and that makes 7 hours each week. By next August, I want to look like a healthy fit foal ready to run at least a 10km race or longer. I like to exercise in Winter when it's not too hot outside and I can pound the pavement without overheating or getting sunburnt or needing sunglasses so I have even investigated the gym! I know what you are all thinking...and it comes with that doomed music just before something evil jumps out at you. So when summer comes round, I will have to hit the pools, which at this point, I don't enjoy, since the sight of me in a swimsuit to me, is scary. My husband loves me regardless, but I need to eat properly, and exercise daily, like a little puppy. So here I go. I have already done 50 mins of run/walking today, and I do feel good. Yesterday I walked around the botanical gardens after a hot chocolate (talk about cancelling things out.) I plan to ride my bike to the shops where I have a meeting this afternoon and that should make up my one hour. Tomorrow (Wed) is usually an easy day when I go to an hour of jiggling at a belly dance class. I think this should be a piece of cake. Oops! There I go again.

So to clarify and do the maths
365 hours = 15 days of exercise per year. That is very little in the scheme of things. We'll see!  :)

Oh and I forgot that I will be going for a walk this afternoon with my friend when she finishes work. So I am sorted today!