Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 14 - Cold and miserable.

It was windy, cloudy and rained alot in the afternoon. I didn't do anything except arm exercises. I suppose tidying the house, can be considered exercise since I cleaned out a major room that needed cleaning.

I realise how much more relaxed I am when I do actually exercise so I need to do it, even for just half an hour in the rain.

Bad me...slap on the wrist

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 13 - Kiwis are sleeping and swimming pools

We set out today to the Riccarton Bush Market for what I had been promised - a custard croissant. Ever since I heard the pie guru exclaim over the Custard Croissant, I have wanted one, and that was a week ago. We cycled in for about 20 min,  arrived and looked around for the beer tent. Which amazingly, was not to be found. We found our friends, and set about finding out what is good. I purchased a cupcake (since the custard croissants were not there), and a fish pie, and we had a nice social time watching some Western Swing dancers who were promoting their dance school. Pity that they didn't put any effort into looking the part. With ripped jeans and a t-shirt too small for the lady they danced on the grass, while the wind blew their flyers away.

We'd not been to this part of town and discovered that they had a kiwi sanctuary which is fabulous! It is however a bit of a pointless exercise to allow public access because sadly, kiwis only come alive and start to do things when the sun goes down. Which means that if you ever want to see a kiwi, well the gate are locked at 6:30pm and that makes me stamp my feet in frustration. Coz how cool would it be if people could see a real kiwi up close and personal. This would definitely give the kiwi an advantage. Poor fellas with no flight ability.  We took a long walk about 20mins through the Kahikatea trees and then came out. We decided to go to the mall and look for the swimming pool for our Hawaiian party. We were at the mall really quickly, and walked straight to the shops to find the pool. We are actually considering buying one that we can actually reuse. Laps will be slightly pointless though!  We browsed for a bit looking for a hawaiian shirt and instead came home with some much needed props for the Rugby World Cup. I got a sparkly gold hat and some green pompoms for my Green and Gold team - The Springboks!

Then we hopped back on the bikes and rode home! It was a lovely day out and good exercise. Shorter distances like today's meager 8 km are starting to not actually feel like enough. But I feel good and will probably do some running tomorrow, if I can resist hopping on a bike tomorrow.

This week is Conservation Week, so I have today, visited a kiwi sanctuary, and also rode my bike instead of ride the car. Good hey? What have you done for conservation?

Time accrued : 13 hours + 1hour = 14 hours! :)


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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 12 - Rest day needed

Ok, so my legs feel like jelly, and everything hurts. I figure. It's time to take it easy and just to let these poor muscles recuperate. So, instead of going to do the rail trail today, we took it easy. I am not going to get angry at myself because I worked hard this week and muscles need to regenerate and grow in the rest phases. Apparently the day after a full workout spends about as many calories because the process still continues after exercise while you rest.

So I am still at 13h20mins and I am still pretty proud of my current achievement. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 11 - City Plan Day Mission

Yet again I set out on my bicycle to Hagley Park. This time it was to check out the city plan for Christchurch in the rebuild. The presentation of information was quite good and I also did a little stroll around the botanical gardens for about 20 mins.

I took a photo for my Facebook profile of the SA flag for the rugby.

So in total today I was active for about 2 hours.
This is pretty good!

Accrued time:11h 20m + 1h40m = 13hours :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 10 - I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

So I got a phone call this morning from my friend who's a fella, and he said to me, do you want to go for that walk on the beach with the pooches. We set a time and I was just about to leave when HRH (Kings of Leon) says he is coming home from his meetings and wants lunch. So I had to make an impromptu lunch, and made chillibean and cheese toasted sandwhich, which in the scheme of things, desprite the cheese is a pretty healthy lunch. Beans are great for fibre, protein and carbs all in one. So I eventually left to do the 8+km cycle to his house and then we hopped in the car. I was dripping and pretty sweaty once I actually got to his house. We got the pooches in the car, and drove down the very bumpy road out to the beach which was the most affected area in the Christchurch Earthquakes. The roads have been repaired but will never be flat again. We got to the beach, the dogs went for a nice long explore while I took some pictures of them and the friend I promised to go walkies with. He showed me some photography tricks, got some really nice shots and still got a good long walk on the beach. It was kind of overcast and so the shots I got were really very moody, it was gorgeous. We walked back, and then when we got back I had to take a cycle to the place I call home.  On the way home, I stopped and took a photo of the church that was munted and unhappy. I am soaked, feeling flushed and pretty tired, someone's gonna sleep well tonight!

So to sum up. 45 min cycle there, 45 min cycle back, 30min walk on the beach = 2 hours. OMG!
9h20m + 2 hours = 11h 20m (So on day 10 I am 1h20 min over)

I think a pooch is a great tool for exercise.
I want one!

Day 9 - Shaking that thing!

Day 9 went better, I was supposed to cycle into town but writing CVs is an art that I am just getting the hang of. I am making each one individual and unique and tailoring each CV is an art. So instead of hopping on my bike, I drove, which was naughty.

But then I am actually glad I did because tonight's belly dancing was intense. So shaking your booty for an hour is pretty good. And I think Wednesday is the night to get back on track because I get to watch my baleen body in the mirror that WHOLE hour!

Accrued time: 8h20mins + 1 hour = 9h20mins!
Yippee, still on track! Tomorrow I will have to go for a run in the park and cycle there!

Day 8 - Oops!

Well lets just say that the only exercise I did yesterday was walking to the fridge and back. Work is getting me down and so I couldn't find the motivation. But back on the horse we go!